To research and develop products that provide sustained neurological performance for elite athletes, military personnel, E-sports enthusiasts and more.

SLS Performance is focused on tackling decision fatigue.  Unlike mental energy fatigue, which is lacking energy or a sense of feeling tired, decision fatigue occurs when you are required to make important (or perceived important) decisions one after the other, and your ability to make those decisions (judgements) begins to decline. This type of fatigue is documented in NFL players, business executives, professional gamblers, e-sports, security services and even some Judges who see repeated cases throughout the day. In high stress environments like soldiers in combat, decision fatigue affects executive decisions, like whether someone is a friend or foe, and can become impaired after just 60 minutes. A recent study found that decision fatigued soldiers observed during combat had greater impaired judgement than individuals with alcohol intoxication – not good.

For the past 25 years, the healthcare, supplement and beverage industry has focused almost exclusively on mental fatigue, designing drinks and pills to increase mental energy. To accomplish this, the vast majority of solutions use stimulant-based ingredients, like sugar or caffeine. While the effectiveness of stimulants to increase wakefulness is not in question, the goal of taking products like this is. A recent study looking at caffeine intake in sleep deprived soldiers showed that, while reaction time and accuracy of shots increased with caffeine, decision making abilities were still impaired. So the question is, do you want to make faster decisions, or do you want to make right decisions?