If you’re playing a very complex game you’ll want to stay away from sugars, caffeine, things that cause brain crashes. I’ve felt my brain just stop functioning during LAN play due to a coffee crash. I failed to make decisions I usually made instantly, habitually.

– Amateur E-Gamer NagatronHQ, 2018 –


“In war there is perhaps no general condition which is more liable to produce a large crop of nervous and mental disorders than a state of prolonged and great fatigue. For these and other reasons the study of fatigue – how it is caused, what are its results and how it may be counteracted – is a matter of very great importance to every military officer.”

– F.C. Bartlett, Psychology and the Soldier, 1927 –

Mixed Martial Arts

“Training for a fight is about 90% physical and 10% mental, yet when you enter the octagon it becomes about 90% mental and 10% physical because all of the physical preparation is done.”

– Rich Franklin, World Champ, VP ONE Championship, 2015 –